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You start your business plan document by entering the general company data. This page gives a first impression of the company and its general goals. The management of the company defines the business idea of the enterprise and its strategies, with objectives and plans for implementation. These are then put together into a business plan, for information for the shareholders and employees or for bankers, to raise capital for implementation of the plan.


Business Plan Template
Table of Contents (automated)

Executive summary

  • Business goals/mission
  • Business description
  • Business formation
  • Business philosophies/identity
  • Location
  • Geographical markets
  • Vision of the future
  • Main objectives
  • Key advantages
  • Strategic positioning
  • Strategic alliances
  • Sales summary
  • Internet
  • Licenses
  • Directors
  • Management team
  • Personnel
  • Funds required


  • Project plan
  • Phasing diagram
  • Development team


  • The product mix
  • Sales estimates
  • Analysis current product mix
  • Competitive research
  • Market analysis
  • Marketing goals & strategies
  • Pricing strategy
  • Sales management
  • Distribution & service
  • Advertising & promotion
  • SWOT analysis

Historic analysis

  • General view
  • The market position
  • Income statement historic
  • Balance sheet historic


  • Industry specific
  • Identity
  • Location
  • Premises
  • Layout
  • Production planning

The organizational structure

  • Management and personnel
  • Administrative organization
  • Contingency planning

Financial plan

  • The investment budget
  • Statistical data (ratios)
  • The return on investment
  • Financial projections

Risk management

  • Risk reduction
  • Exit strategy



  • Personal income statement
  • Other

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