Personnel assumptions

In the assumptions you can select whether you wish to include overtime. Enter the pay rate in % for weekdays and weekends, and select in which month bonuses are expected to be paid. If you enter any bonuses in the details they will be paid out in the month selected here. You can also select to add a payroll burden for bonuses paid, and enter the bonus payroll burden % separately if necessary in your country.

Payroll burden

This is optional though highly relevant in some countries. Try to enter the averages most appropriate for your country and ensure you are familiar with related local laws regarding this issue.

Personnel details

This worksheet is for adding, editing, or hiding departments, persons, or groups.


If you selected 'Yes' for Manufacturer in the Assumptions worksheet, you'll need to select whether the department's cost is to be considered production personnel cost or not. If selected, it will be included in the Adjustment COGS Personnel in the Income statement worksheet. Please note, that you will always need at least one production department if you selected manufacturer.

For each department you can add persons or groups using the buttons.

For each group or person you add you'll need to enter:

  1. the initial number of staff (applicable to groups only, for persons the default is 1).
  2. the start date (optional). The date when the person/group is (expected to be) hired. If left blank, the start date will be the starting date of operations as entered in the Assumptions.
  3. end date (optional); the date of dismissal of persons or group if it occurs within the 5 year plan.
  4. the gross hourly rate.
  5. the number of hours per month.
  6. if overtime is selected, the number of hours at the weekdays and weekend rate per month.
  7. if bonuses are applicable, the gross amount without payroll burden.


Personnel planning

The financial workbook includes a summary personnel projection by department for 3 years (monthly and quarterly) and 5 years.

Personnel planning 5 years